The Hooping with Kids Teacher Training Program

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The Only online course that shows you exactly how to book your own paying classes, gigs and parties, even if you are brand new to hooping and all the other creatives in your town give everything away for free.

Sarah, You’ve done it again! Since starting your course, my hoop hobby turned into a part time profession. I make and sell custom hoops, I teach classes, book gigs and now I am a sponsored hooper! Your video series helped me think outside the box and here I am, sponsored by a clothing company that I am very proud to represent.

Amy Neel (Ask Amy about her experience with this course @amyneelhoopdance on Instagram)

Houston, Texas Ask

Imagine getting paid to share the joy of hoop dance while being seen as the go-to hoop Dancer in your town

You have a lot of hoop love to share with the world. But actually getting paid for your hoop dance skills can be a struggle. I understand that.

You know exactly what it feels like when:

*You want to teach hoop dance classes, but feel unsure if you’ll be able to teach due to lack of experience in a classroom setting

*You would love to say, “Im a hoop dance teacher for kids.” but you have no idea what to do in class or have no idea how to get started

*You want to start teaching, but feel nervous or scared and lack the confidence

*You’re stuck between telling yourself, “I can do this! I have skills!” and telling your yourself, “I need a proven curriculum to follow”

If so, you are in the right place


I found Hooping thanks to Sarah, started for fun and kept it up because I love it. I’ve only been hoop dancing since April and I’ve already had more financial success hooping than in my other business total! I just cashed a check for $1500 for four hula hoop dance gigs! I highly recommend Sarah’s Online Hoop Teacher Training Course. The private facebook group alone is worth triple the price. 

Missy Grant Cooke

Lansing Hoops

Thanks to your advice, I just got my first large order for 104 hula hoops to be sold in 3 stores! I am so thrilled! Thank you so much.

Heidi Stolowitz

Port Washington NY


What’s their secret? Here it is in a nutshell: The only Hoop Teacher Training Program that shows you exactly how to book your own paying classes, parties and gigs. Just copy the scripts, hit send and watch the classes and gigs roll in!

Why Teach Kids? 

*You learn how to tap into programs with budgets for classes just like yours 

*You can start TODAY even if you are a beginner

Teaching Hoop Dance Classes for kids is the BEST and Most EFFECTIVE way to:

Establish yourself as an expert

Become confident in your hooping and teaching abilities

Create fun classes and parties to attract new clients and connect with current students 

Generate more income ($50 to 100 an hour and up) because I will show you how to connect with programs with budgets for your classes

Share your passion for hoop dance and inspire people 


Gain a following of loyal customers

You can earn money while you have fun hula hooping with kids…without running away to join the circus, without experience. Anyone can do it! 

Imagine going to work with a smile on your face, getting exercise as the hula hoop whirls around your waist. Imagine earning more money while working less hours, all while making a difference in children’s lives. 

What if you knew exactly what to say when you pick up the phone to pitch your own hula hoop dance classes? Or had a website so tempting, people were lining up to buy your hoop dance classes for kids?

This course covers what to teach (simple games, fun choreography, easy-to-learn tricks) and how to teach it (lesson plans, how to teach different ages, mixed level classes and special needs children). More importantly, you learn to MARKET and SELL your classes so that you fill your calendar with classes, performances and hula hoop parties.


Even if you can’t write a grocery list, you can use the scripts inside this course to jam-pack your calendar with classes, gigs and parties.

Performed at over 100 shows in one year.


It’s taken me so long to reply, because I wanted to make sure I had the time to tell you how I really feel. Your guidance in the hooping academy made it possible for me to be where I am today. Your business savvy, fearless practicality about the value of performance art and teaching has helped me grow out of my wide-eyed, undervalued flow artist stage into a business woman in this niche market. You have been counseling me for almost two years on how to pursue this full-time, coached me before I left my job, and helped me through our first year of business. You told me it was possible, and how to do it. You taught me how to teach children, and that is the most lovable and consistently profitable part of my job now. I left my  day job in March with a nice savings account, and we have been successful in supporting ourselves solely through teaching and performing over the past 6 months. We are already booked up next summer, and are confident that we can get enough work to make it to June. I never would have left my job, had I not had you and the hooping academy to help me figure out how to do it. You have encouraged me every step of the way. Now, I feel like I know what I’m doing (sometimes, which is still a huge improvement!). I know how to hustle. I know what my resources are, and I know that I can make it work. Thank you, from the bottom of my heart, for the role that you have played in helping me pursue my dream of entrepreneurship, health and fitness, performance, and generally bringing happiness and play to people’s lives. 

Further, thank you for following your dream and staying true to yourself. There is no better example that I could have for how this will all continue to unfold over the years. I know that things will not always be the same, hooping will not always be what it is now, I will not always want to do the same thing every year for the rest of my life, and I have your example to follow when things change, and I want or need to change my plan. I’ve been really struggling with my own hoop journey and finally, after feeling miserable for months about my total lack of interest, that what I want to do doesn’t really have anything to do with the hoop. I am not just a hooper. I am a dancer with a voice, a story, and a passion to share beauty and inspiration with others. Sure, I may use a hoop to perform with, but I don’t have to. Realizing that my identity is not contained within the hoop has taken so much pressure off to ‘practice all the time’, ‘be the best’ or ‘know all of the tricks’. What a futile desire that completely misses the point- or, rather, misses MY point. I’ve stepped back from most of my classes, and may stop teaching completely in order to dedicate more time to finding my voice as a dancer, and writing shows with a story to perform with my husband. I’ve stepped back from trying to be a big hoop-seller, because I don’t want to make hoops all day. It’s so hard for me to say “No”, but you have shown me how. This year, we performed over 100 shows, from daycares to some really impressive out-of-state corporate shows and fundraiser galas. We have grown so much. This has not been an easy year, especially with all the time it takes to plan and execute a wedding, but we made it through. I am so excited for both of us in this new year to realize our passion and to follow it, even if it isn’t what we originally set out to do. In 2015, we made it work. In 2016, I will make it work for me. This is the life I want. I know we can be successful if we follow our passions as they grow and evolve. And when I’m ready for a change of pace, I will know that my identity does not rely on my ability to hula hoop, but on my ability to be a woman who knows what she wants and knows how to get it. Thank you for your very integral role in helping me find that woman inside me. I wish you all of the success and happiness in this new year, and in all of your endeavors in the years to come. You made a huge impact on my life, and I wanted you to know that I am happy for you, and that continue to be a great example for me, even in your change of path. 

All the love, 

Kelsey Philo

(Ask Kelsey about her experience with this course @Kelseyhoops on instagram)

The most successful people do things before they feel “ready.”

Here’s the good news: You don’t have to be a circus performer or pro to be a hoop dance teacher for kids.

If you’d like to be seen as a leader in the hooping world, teaching hoop dance classes for kids can:

*Help you skyrocket your confidence and fitness

*Increase your income through classes, parties and performances

*Help you attract invitations to teach adults

*Help you command higher fees

 You learn all about this business from someone who has been in your shoes before. Whether you are a curious beginner or an expert hoop dancer, you’ll be able to take this course today and start teaching next week.

Try it out for 30 days and implement all of the video lessons, plans, and strategies. You must conclude that this course BLOWS YOUR MIND or I insist on giving you a full refund.

What are the requirements?

A desire to work with kids, An internet connection.


What do you get with this course?

*Dozens of Videos on Hoop Dance Games, Activities, Tricks, and 2 Full Dance Routines will make teaching easy and FUN for you.

*Lesson Plans for a variety of ages and skill levels.

*Instant access to proven scripts that will help you fill your classes with a waiting list, so you always know what to say. Never fumble for the right words again! 

*How to book classes, kids parties and performances… no matter where you live. 

*How to set your price, How to get legit, How to get insured, How to collect deposits. Contract examples you can swipe. 

Learn on the go from anywhere in the world. All you need is the internet and a Desktop, iOS or Android.


Get rewarded with a certificate of completion.

Who made this course anyway? 


My name is Sarah Jordan. I took a massively unconventional route to hooping success. Since 2009, I’ve shared the joy of hoop dance with thousands of children through my classes and performances. I’ve showed over 500 of my Hooping with Kids Teacher Training graduates worldwide how to do the same.

I am a former professional ballet teacher and a Psychology buff, so you will learn from someone who lives and breathes flow and infuses grace and fun into every video in this course.

I’m sponsored by Larabar and I’ve been featured in Vogue Magazine, performed at film premiers and on the news, just to name a few. 


And I’m just like you…I’m just a regular person with goals, a husband, a life outside of hoop dance, and other hobbies I enjoy. I am not magic or special. Anyone can do this!

Who made this course anyway? 


My name is Sarah Jordan. I took a massively unconventional route to hooping success. Since 2009, I’ve taught more 1000 hoop dance classes, performed at just as many parties, and showed over 500 of my Hooping with Kids Teacher Training graduates worldwide how to do the same.


And I’m just like you…I’m just a regular person with goals, a husband, a life outside of hoop dance, and other hobbies I enjoy. I am not magic or special. Anyone can do this!

This is for you if you are:

*Interested in working with kids

*A new hooper with a desire to learn

*An experienced hoop dancer with a desire to monetize your skills

Let me help you teach a class that builds your confidence and credibility-so you can proudly showcase and profit from your skills.

I’ve used the simple strategies I teach to national sponsorships  from Lara bar, MNewman Designs, Pool Buoy hoops, etc, get press and exposure on TV and in magazines…and you can do it too. Let me show you how.

Do I get access to you?

Yes. This course comes with lifetime access to a private membership group (worth it’s weight in hula hoops!) so you can pop in and ask me questions (every day if you like), interact with other teachers and get community support.

What happens after I pay?

 After you pay, you get instant access, FOREVER. Just check your email for your secret password to the membership website. If for some odd reason gremlins hijack your computer or you lose the password, email me ( and I will show you how to get into the course again.

Is there a refund policy?

Yes. If you don’t believe this course is worth it’s weight in Nutella, contact me within 30 days for a full refund. In 4 years, only one person out of over 700 has asked for a refund. Try it out and see for yourself.

What if I teach adults?

Many students in this course have used the same scripts, methods and tools to expand into teaching adults, become professional performers, and teach yoga for kids. When you become an expert at teaching kids, you will attract invitations to teach adults too.

Can I go at my own pace?

Yes! This course is 100% online, so you can go through it all in a few hours, or several years. It’s up to you. Most of my students come back again and again to go through the course when they need it.

What about hula hoops?

This course comes with a bonus section all about making and decorating (and selling, if you desire) your own professional-quality hula hoops. And how to book hula hoop parties. If you are not the crafty type, I’ll show you how to get nice hoops in bulk for a great price.

Why is this course so inexpensive?

Because I want to change the world. I know what it’s like to struggle when you are first starting out. I want to help as many people as possible. And because you have other things to spend money on…hula hoops, insurance, cute clothes.

How do I pay?

This is a secure website. You can use Paypal, Stripe, or a credit card to check out. Just hit the button that says, BUY NOW below.

This course could be the difference between fretting over another bill or treating your kids to a Disney World trip.

If you are on the fence about taking Sarah’s Hooping with Kids Teacher Training course, do it! I’ve learned so much and already booked several classes! It’s an incredible value and helped my confidence grow tremendously.

Krystal Honey


This program is really! I love the way you teach it. I’m a certified hoop fitness instructor who spent almost a year studying for the exam but I got WAYYY More out of Sarah’s program than the nationally certified one!

Lynn Lenihan

I’m so excited! I’ve been asked to do a weekly after school hoop dance program thanks to Sarah’s hoop dance course. And I booked my first paying performance! Thank you Sarah for all that you do and for all the amazing tips, hooping videos and email advice.

Marci Claire

Sarah makes learning super easy. I love the way she breaks everything down in the online course. Sarah is pretty funny too, so you will have fun while you are hooping. I’ve booked a lot of classes and gigs since taking this course.

Aurora Wetherill


Hi Sarah, I love your hoop teacher training course!” I just received a response to teach a class. Thanks for creating this. I am taking it all in and find it very professional and well done.

Angela O’Keefe

Angeliis Hoops

I learned a lot about business in this course. It made me realize that having a hoop dance business is a real possibility for me! Sarah breaks down everything so it’s super easy to process. I love all the business and marketing in this course, which makes the course complete because you get how to teach the courses and how to book paying gigs and market them, something that most other courses are lacking. 

Dana Ricci

Philadelphia PA